Oyster Ditch Sessions

by butt sand

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released March 15, 2017

Recorded by Pat Brown!

butt sand was...
Drums/ Vocals: Matt Money
Bass/ Vocals: Rory Oak
Guitar/ Vocals: Michael

additional vocals by Achilles Kentouris


all rights reserved



butt sand New York, New York

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Track Name: Can't Deal
who really knows what they're doing
i don't think it's possible we're only humans
one day we'll breathe in and never let it out
so why do we love spending time on the couch

every second i'm alive
i don't wanna be
i just waste everything

does god really are about us
i don't know and i could give a fuck
you can buy em at the corner store
i can't take prophets for profit anymore

every second i'm alive
i don't wanna be
i just waste everything

every second i'm alive
i don't wanna be
Track Name: 40 Winks
i wish i had a lot of money
restless is what i'm becoming
you should know not to ask me for somethin

i don't ever wanna go to work
spend my time actin' like a jerk
out there livin' for the search


lost my mind down in the sand
found myself at the bottom of a can
woke up lost all my friends

let's give up our lives and rip out our eyes
death comes pull an irish goodbye
we've seen enough in this life

Track Name: Off Season
it's like we never met
and that's just something that i accept
tell myself it's for the best
when the summer ends
and the winter kicks in
i'm fucking back to where it all begins

stumbling home
drunk off my ass
i lost my stash

i just wanna lose my mind
don't wanna think about you all the time
sit alone and get high
smile and act like everything's fine

you post selfies
to feel better about yourself
i wish i could tell you
you're still beautiful as hell
Track Name: Two Wave Split
she said you're dead to me
i replied that's cool
always wanted to be
never had the guts to

so i dug a hole six feet wide
and i jumped inside

bury me without my mind
leave that shit behind
let somebody else waste your time

now i'm nothing but bones
the dirt and mud is my home
my friends are the worms
we love to drink and to squirm

so you can kiss my ass
and you never had a chance

bury me with my love
a 40 and a blunt
put me in my trunks
let em know how wavy i was
let em know how wavy i was
let em know how wavy i was

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